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About Our Company

More than twenty years ago, the Dutch nail tech Mey Liang discovered the creative 'nail profession'. Her one-woman business blossomed into a leading wholesaler for artificial nail products and cosmetics in the Netherlands. She developed into an internationally renowned nail expert and started to focus on giving lessons in nail styling.

Together with her husband and a growing team of employees, she now runs a company with an international orientation. Products find their way to Magnetic Nail Academy branches throughout Europe, South Africa and the Near East.

Mission: top quality at a reasonable price
Nails International, with Magnetic (its own professional brand) and points of sale all over the world, has become one of the market leaders in the Netherlands. Our mission: to deliver top quality at a reasonable price. Almost all Magnetic products are developed in house, enabling us to offer this price-quality ratio.

There are now hundreds of products marketed under the Magnetic name. In addition, our product range contains various cosmetic products. All products meet the most stringent European quality requirements and standards.

In-house training institute
Magnetic owes its strength to the fact that all of its nail techs are trained in the in-house training institute, the Magnetic Nail Academy. In almost all European countries and (far) beyond.

Professional nail techs, pedicures and beauticians who also provide nail care in their studio can purchase the Magnetic products. The students of the Magnetic Nail Academy can also make their purchases during and after the training day(s).

You can get and try MAGNETIC products in Canada and USA.

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